Work on Mandalika MotoGP Circuit Continues

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Mandalika beach infrastructure
Beautiful scenery on Mandalika Beach

West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government is also preparing the required human resources. 1,500 jobs will be opened for MotoGP event.

Construction of the MotoGP circuit is constantly being prepared. Yesterday (9/4), the consultant of this most prestigious motorcycle racing event held a meeting to strengthened coordination with the provincial government of West Nusa Tenggara, the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation, or ITDC, and other stakeholders at the ITDC office.

At the meeting, further discussions were held regarding the planned construction of the MotoGP circuit. As well as reviewing problems that become obstacles in the construction of circuits.

The meeting was attended by Mrk 1 Consulting Managing Director Mark Hughes, Managing Director of Road Grip Nick Morley, Director of Road Grip Raul Pasaribu and two Mrk 1 Track Engineers Ben Willshire and Ramzi Darghuth.

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Mark Hughes said the team had begun working on the circuit. They have traveled directly by foot to see directly the circuit to be built.

“We carefully checked the road accompanied by representatives from ITDC,” Mark said, after presenting the plan for the construction of the MotoGP circuit yesterday.

The slope of each bend is measured carefully. According to him, it is necessary to prepare water drainage on every corner. That’s to anticipate the occurrence of puddles when the race takes place when it rains.

“Rain doesn’t matter. The problem is the puddle of water. “Motorcycle racers must not pass through puddles,” he explained.

Construction of the circuit must also be prepared carefully. Because, not only the implementation of the MotoGP can be held. “The World Super Bike and Formula 1 can be held in Mandalika. But, the most important thing is the implementation of MotoGP, “he stressed.

From the master plan, the length of the circuit reaches 4.32 kilometers with 18 bends. The Paddock room to be built is 40 garages. Plus the seating capacity of the audience reaches 50,000 seats. As well as public places outside the circuit that will be able to accommodate up to 138 thousand spectators.

A hospital will also be built. The hospital is specifically for drivers and crew. “The hospital only functioned when there was a race event,” he said.

However, if the government wants to build a public hospital in the area there is no problem. “The hospital we built is adjacent to the circuit. That has become our standard, “he explained.

In the MotoGP area there is still a place to sell typical food for the community. But must follow the specific standards of the organizer.
“What must be neat, hygienic, and the price is affordable,” he stressed.

Mentioned, they chose Mandalika as the location of MotoGP racing because it was unique. Have a positive impression. “This area is unique and beautiful,” he said.

He hoped that the government would help to succeed in the construction of the MotoGP circuit. Cooperation must continue to be strengthened to get maximum results.

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Meanwhile, West Nusa Tenggara Regional Secretary H Rosiady Sayuti said that much was discussed at the meeting yesterday. To be sure, the readiness of the MotoGP organizers must be appreciated. He stressed West Nusa Tenggara, would not waste the golden opportunity. Full support is ready to be given by the government.

For example, the government is currently preparing supporting facilities. Such as transportation access: air, sea and land. The government will build a bypass road from the airport, and extend the runway at the International Lombok airport.

In addition to the success of the event, the focus of the West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government is also to prepare human resources. This is mainly related to the 1,500 jobs that will be available at this MotoGP event.

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