Mandalika MotoGP: West Nusa Tenggara government collaborated with Dorna in preparation for the construction of a hospital for MotoGP

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Hospital and medical team is one of successful MotoGP corner stones; preparation for Mandalika MotoGP is on the way

Motogp paramedic
Paramedics in Japan FP2 2010

The West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government and Tim Dorna will soon finalize the design of an international hospital around the Mandalika Special Economic Zone. The construction of the special hospital will follow the standards set by Dorna as the MotoGP organizer.

Head of West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Health Office, dr. Nurhandini Eka Dewi, Sp.A, MPH said that on the next 8-10 April a meeting with the Dorna team is planned to finalize the construction of a hospital supporting the implementation of the 2021 MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit.
‘’ There is a line of provisions that we must fulfill, Dorna is decisive. They will come here. We want to build a hospital that refers to its provisions. Referring to their standards, ‘said Nurhandini confirmed Thursday, March 28 2019 afternoon.
It is said, the Ministry of Health will build a special trauma center hospital. But the hospital can also be used by the public or tourists when there is no MotoGP event.
The land needed is around 4 hectares. Nurhandini said that the budget prepared by the Ministry of Health depends on the Detailed Engineering Design (DED) made by the Regional Government. All requirements needed must be clear before 31 April 2019. ‘’So we are chasing time now,” she said

According to the requirements of Dorna, said Nurhandini, the location of the hospital cannot be far from the circuit. So that the problem of land development of this hospital, will be communicated with the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) as the manager of Mandalika Special Economic Zone.

It is possible, said Nurhandini, that the ITDC land could be issued for 30 years. Because as a BUMN, ITDC is unlikely to grant its land for the construction of a hospital.
’’With the existence of a hospital, they (ITDC) benefit, construction is not on their own,’ she said.

Regarding the readiness of health workers to work in the hospital, she said that in two years it was being prepared. Nurhandini said, currently there are also many doctors who are being schooled. It was stated, the need for health workers in Mandalika hospital reached hundreds of people.
She explained, in one bed there was already a provision for the number of health workers needed. Moreover, the hospital will also have an operating room and ICU. ’’We are referring to their standards (Dorna) what must be fulfilled by the hospital,’ added Nurhandini who was also the former Head of the Central Lombok Health Service.