The Right Places to Enjoy Lombok’s Culinaries

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For those of you who plan to travel to Lombok, don’t ever worry about food because, on this island, there are many places to eat that offer a variety of delicious and cheap culinary delights. You just have to choose and try new sensations of local foods; the following are some of them:

Inaq Esun’s Puyung “Racing” Rice

When you want to go on vacation to Lombok, it won’t be perfect if you don’t stop by this one restaurant, which provides Lombok specialties with very well-known taste: spicy and savory. Puyung “Racing” rice is served with spicy chicken chunks, soybeans, chili, vegetables, and seasoned eggs, of course with Lombok’s special spice. Inaq (in Sasak means mother) Esun initially sold Puyung rice at her home, which became popular and she opened a shop in the 1990s. The food served looks simple, but gives an extraordinary taste and is “hard” to forget that makes the restaurant always crowded with people; believe me. This food is called “racing” rice because of its small serving size and is suitable for people who have to hurry (i.e. to work). With its spicy chili sauce, it’s no surprise that people who enjoy Puyung rice will eat like they’re racing. Even before the MotoGP plan, Lombok people were used to racing, in this case: test their eating speed. This restaurant is located on Jl. Raya Puyung, Puyung Village, Jonggat, Central Lombok. Let’s wait for Rossi and Marquez to eat “racing” rice before starting the race.

Ayam Taliwang Pak Udin’s

Ayam (chicken) Taliwang is a “mandatory” menu at almost all traditional food restaurants in Lombok. Your trip to Lombok isn’t complete if you haven’t tried Ayam Taliwang, one of them is at Pak Udin’s restaurant. The complete menu of Taliwang chicken served consists of grilled or fried chicken, with a covering of sambal (sweet and spicy, with traces of shrimp paste), a side of water spinach (pelecing) and eggplant (beberuk) covered with, again, chili sauce. For those who already feel hot due to spicy, cucumber slices are also provided. Ayam Taliwan Pak Udin is known for having high-quality raw materials mixed with secret spices which of course give an extraordinary taste. Besides chicken, this restaurant also provides a variety of fish dishes (seafood). The most important, the price is very friendly. This restaurant is located on Jl. JL. Gelatik No. 2B, Cakranegara, Mataram, Lombok.

Roemah Langko

The restaurant building was formerly an office residence during the Dutch colonial period (19th century) in Lombok, with an art deco style that was later renovated. The restoration carried out by architect Nyoman Popo Priyatna Danes succeeded in winning him an award from the Indonesian Architects Association, IAI Awards 2018 in the conservation category. Every visitor who comes will immediately feel the atmosphere of a historic house with the layout and furniture of the past that is preserved. The main menu offered are Ayam Taliwang, fish soup, grilled fish, and of course pelecing kangkung. This restaurant also provides a variety of other Indonesia’s dishes and western foods. This restaurant has a modern concept with a capacity of more than 200 people and very representative facilities. Menu prices suits with its delicious taste and fancy atmosphere. This restaurant is located on Jl. Langko No.68, Ampenan, Mataram, Lombok.

Suranadi Honey Grilled Fish

For those of you who love grilled fish, you can stop by this restaurant which is located at Jl. Hutan Wisata no. 7, Suranadi, Lombok. The Suranadi area, which is located on the slopes of a mountain, is a center for freshwater fish cultivation which influences the types of restaurant dishes in the area. The grilled fish in this place has a distinctive taste so it is no doubt that this restaurant is a favorite of many people and is never empty. Grilled fish dishes preparation in this restaurant is very traditional, using a wood-burning stove, with secret ingredients passed down from generation to generation.

Restaurant Lesehan Taliwang Irama

In addition to Pak Udin’s restaurant, it turns out that there is one more restaurant that also offers Ayam Taliwang which tastes no less delicious. This restaurant is located at Jl. Ade Irma Suriyani No. 10 Karang Taliwang Mataram. In this restaurant, there are two dining areas, one indoors and one outdoors. You can eat while enjoying the very green and natural garden view. “Lesehan” is just one of “traditional” words in Indonesian Culture that means that you can eat some food by sitting on the floor and eat it in small/low table. As the of the restaurant implies, “Lesehan”, this restaurant provides a place to eat where you can eat sitting on the floor with a mat. Besides Taliwang chicken, there are also other menus that you can order, namely Taliwang grilled fish, pelecing kangkung, and Lombok satay.

Gili Trawangan Night Market

Everyone already knows Gili Trawangan, a small island or “Gili” with stunning natural scenery and marine life on the north-west side of Lombok island. Besides restaurants and cafes with modern establishment on the island, you can also enjoy local culinary delights with traditional flavors at very cheap prices. This nigh market offers various types of Lombok culinary specialties, ranging from fresh seafood satay from tuna, squid, and snapper, to grilled chicken, while enjoying the beach breeze. The Gili night market is located on Jl. Raya Gili Trawangan Lombok.

So, we are waiting for you in Lombok

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