The Mandalika Circuit will Remove Doubts from Many Parties

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Mandalika Area from Above

The contractor who built the MotoGP, MRK1 Consulting, said that it would deny the public’s doubt about the construction of the circuit in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone, West Nusa Tenggara in 2021.

The planned circuit to be built with the concept of the highway is claimed to remove the skeptical stigma about the construction which costs Rp 14 trillion.

The pessimistic assumption about the construction of the Mandalika circuit reached the ears of Mark Hughes, one of MRK1 Consulting’s representatives. He understood that the concept of a circuit with a nuanced highway would raise doubt.
Even so, he guarantees the circuit construction process will always follow international standard procedures to ensure the safety of the race.

“We are aware that when inaugurating this project there are some skeptical responses. But we guarantee the design and construction of the circuit follows the FIM standards for MotoGP safety,” Mark said as quoted by Crash, Thursday (3/21).

The circuit, he continued, was planned to be used as a permanent circuit even though it was used for public roads when there was no race event. The circuit design along with community traffic flow plans have also been prepared by the contractor.

The organization of the MotoGP organizer Dorna also stated that circuit security must be adhered to during the construction and operation of the race.

“We never want to hold races on ordinary roads. But with existing facilities, this circuit will be safe for racers,” Ezpeleta said.