To Support MotoGP at Mandalika, Garuda Indonesia Airways is Ready to Add Flight Schedules

Collaboration of State-owned Enterprises to Support Mandalika MotoGP The national airline Garuda Indonesia is ready to…

Mandalika MotoGP: Mandalika circuit planning is known to have started since the era of President Soeharto

President Soeharto tried the national SMI prototype motorbike

Mandalika MotoGP: Homework for the Government in Land Acquisition for MotoGP Preparation

Rp1.2 Trillion for the By Pass Project from Lombok International Airport (LIA) to Mandalika The Central…

Mandalika MotoGP: West Nusa Tenggara government collaborated with Dorna in preparation for the construction of a hospital for MotoGP

Hospital and medical team is one of successful MotoGP corner stones; preparation for Mandalika MotoGP is…

Mandalika MotoGP: Determination Access Location from LIA to Mandalika Special Economic Zone; West Nusa Tenggara Government Given a Two-week Deadline

The the acceleration of the construction of road access from Lombok International Airport (LIA) to the…

Mandalika MotoGP: 6 Facts about Mandalika Circuit, Candidates for MotoGP Hosts in Indonesia

Beach race

Mandalika MotoGP: From Worms to MotoGP

Bau Nyale Festival at Kuta Beach

Mandalika Circuit Needs 900 Track Marshals

Singapore GP Marshals

This is a comparison of the Mandalika Circuit vs. Marina Bay and Monte Carlo

Design of Mandalika Circuit

This is how Mandalika circuit will look like

Check out the video: Mandalika Circuits will be built from scratch, unlike tracks in Singapore and…