Mandalika MotoGP: From Worms to MotoGP

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Becoming popular after being officially appointed to host MotoGP 2021, not many know where the name Mandalika came from.

Mandalika statue at Kuta

As is known, the Special Economic Zone of Mandalika in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara was officially finally trusted by MotoGP broadcasting rights holders, Dorna Sport to hold one of the 2021 MotoGP series seasons.

Since then also, the name Mandalika has been increasingly recognized by many Indonesian people, even throughout the world. But it cannot be denied, not many know from where the name of the area in the south of Lombok originated.

In folklore, Mandalika is a princess. Beautiful princess who comes from one of the kingdoms who live peacefully and peacefully on Lombok. Once, because of the introspection, character, and subtle speech, Mandalika was able to make many princes from other jobs fall in love with her.

The princes then submitted an application to the King to marry Mandalika. With the full authority of the King to determine which prince was allowed to marry her, Mandalika also meditated to find the answer.

After meditating, Mandalika invites all princes to gather at Seger beach (or now known as Kuta Lombok beach) in the early morning on the 20th month of the 10th month on the sasak calendar (the people who inhabit the island of Lombok).

Appearing gracefully with her best clothes, Mandalika welcomed the princes from the top of the hill, before finally accepting all the princes’ applications that came to her. She reasoned that she did not want to make the prince who was not chosen disappointed and ignited a riot in the peaceful region of Lombok.

This decision clearly made all the princes confused. But in the midst of the confusion, Mandalika suddenly dropped from the hill into the sea, and then disappeared without a trace as the prince and the people present tried to save her.

Along with the disappearance of Mandalika, small animals emerged from the southern sea of ​​Lombok. The animals were similar to worms, which were later referred to as Nyale. At that time the people of Lombok believed that Nyale was the incarnation of Princess Mandalika who disappeared without a trace.

Unbeknownst to the exact time, Mandalika was finally designated as the name of an area of ​​1,035 hectares in southern Lombok. Mandalika area stretches from the Kuta Beach at the west end, to Gerupuk Beach at its eastern end.