Land Acquisition Process for the Mandalika MotoGP Circuit Still Not Completed?

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Fifteen Land Owners in Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Refuse Money from Praya District Court

(illustration of land acquisition)

It seems that the settlement of land disputes in the Mandalika SEZ is getting longer. Up to now there is no common ground in matters of consignment through the Praya District Court. “All land and building owners refuse,” said Chairman of the Praya District Court, Putu, Agus Wiranata, on November 2.

He said the number of those who refused was 15 out of a total of 19 people. The budget entrusted by the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) to the Praya District Court was Rp. 32 billion from a total of Rp. 43 billion. “The remaining money for the four people has not been handed over to us,” he said.

He emphasized that, in principle, the government has passed the stages of land acquisition according to Law Number 2 of 2012 concerning land acquisition for development in the public interest. Therefore, landowners must comply with applicable regulations. “(regardless they) take the money or not, the construction at SEZ Mandalika will continue,” said Agus.

He said, the law also explained that the land acquisition in question was not based on deliberation or price negotiations but through an appraisal team. So whoever it is, must submit and obey the appraisal team. “Remember this is not an ordinary sale and purchase,” said Agus.

For this reason, consignment is a last resort. He added that the same case occurred in land acquisition for widening the road to Kuta. There were three people who refused, but in the end an agreement was made through a consignment by entrusting Rp 3.5 billion to the Praya District Court. “The facility is to support MotoGP next year,” he explained.

For Agus, the residents should support and succeed in the circuit construction and investment in SEZ Mandalika because of the huge positive impact. Not only it will improve the economy and the welfare of communities but also open up various business opportunities.

Efforts to Relocate Affected Communities to Better Residential Areas

Meanwhile, Head of the Public Relations of the West Nusa Tenggara Police, Chief Commissioner Artanto, said that we have to appreciate ITDC and Central Lombok Government efforts in relocating residents affected by the construction to better areas. Moreover, residents will have a tourist village concept prepared by the government. So, residents can take advantage of housing as a place to live as well as a rental business.

“The government and ITDC are not only preparing temporary housings but a permanent one (for the communities),” said Artanto. Every head of the family will get a house for free. The house is supported by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Indonesia.

Of course we hope that there will be a win-win solution between community aspirations and government plans in the SEZ. Local community supports are crucial for the success of international business/event such as the MotoGP.
(source: Lombok Post)

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