Mandalika MotoGP: Indonesia track record in international racing events

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As previously reported, Indonesia is planned to host MotoGP in 2021.Apparently, this is not the first time Indonesia has hosted a Grand Prix event. The following is a summary of the fact that a series of Grand Prix tracks into Indonesia was reported from various sources

Indonesia Sentul Circuit

  1. Initially for the Asian F3 series
    The history of racing in Indonesia is inseparable from the existence of the Sentul international circuit.
    According to the Kompas page, the Sentul circuit was originally intended for the Asian F3 series.
    This circuit was built in 1990 by the son of Indonesia’s second President, Soeharto, namely Hutomo Mandala Putra. In 1993, the circuit was inaugurated by President Soeharto.
  2. MotoGP in 1996 and 1997
    Still according to the Kompas page, the Sentul circuit was once in its heyday, in 1996-1997. In these years, Indonesia was selected as the organizer of the MotoGP event. Australian rider Michael Doohan was a champion in the 500cc class. Valentino Rossi also won the 125cc class at the Sentul circuit.
  3. Sentul was overhauled in 2015
    Sentul was planned to host MotoGP in 2017, so in 2015 there were plans to overhaul the circuit. Repairs began in early 2016.
    After the overhaul, unfortunately Indonesia has failed to host the 2017 MotoGP. Besides canceling to host the 2017 MotoGP, Indonesia also failed to host 2018 and 2019 event.
  4. Mandalika becomes the Motogp 2021 circuit
    Only this year, DORNA in collaboration with ITDC announced that Indonesia would host MotoGP in 2021, which will take place not at the Sentul circuit, but the Mandalika circuit, Lombok.