Hard Work Prevents Asphalt Damage at Mandalika Circuit

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Damage on circuit surface

Indonesia is preparing to host the MotoGP competition. The prestigious event will be held at the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) in the upcoming 2021.

Mandalika Circuit is different from other MotoGP as it will function as a public street if there is no race taking place. Due to this situation, the party managing the circuit will have to be smart to take care of the asphalt circuit to avoid road damage.

For this matter, Dorna gave full trust in Indonesia.
“One element of the core business in the construction of this circuit is maintaining the surface of the track and the runway. They (Indonesia) have a technical department that is very concerned about this specification,” said Mark Hughes as MRK1 Consultant who was involved in the construction of the Mandalika Circuit.

“We will limit the type of vehicle that will use the circuit for a year to minimize damage, and also the risk of contamination. We also have equipment specialists to maintain the traction level of the circuit,” he explained from Crash.

This will be done very carefully to be able to assess how much friction had occurred at the Mandalika Circuit. As a result the circuit can be maintained so that it can be ready for use for any race.