Get Ready, Mandalika WSBK Ticket Sales Start Next Week

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Many people have asked how to get the Mandalika World Superbike (WSBK) ticket, which until now many still don’t know. To be sure, according to a notification from the organizers, ticket sales will officially start next week. Maybe many fans are wondering how much the ticket will cost. Although there has been no official announcement from the MGPA to date, there will certainly be a total of 25,000 tickets that will be sold to the public.

According to a statement by the Head of the West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office, Yusron Hadi, tickets will be officially sold starting next week, as well as price information. However, it is estimated that the ticket price will follow the general WSBK racing standard, which is USD 100 for a three-day ticket per person.

The decision regarding ticket sales was determined in a meeting held by the Ministry of Tourism, MGPA, ITDC, and tourism entrepreneurs in Lombok. Tickets will be sold both online and offline (ticket counters), and 70 percent of tickets will be for domestic tourists and the rest for foreign tourists. For ticket sales, MGPA will cooperate with Bank NTB in carrying out the transaction process.

Tourism entrepreneurs in NTB are currently starting to prepare themselves to anticipate this event, which is believed to bring tourists visiting both the Mandalika area and other tourist objects in Lombok, especially Central Lombok.

Several other attractions on the southern coast of Lombok are also interesting to visit, including Tanjung An, Mawun, and Selong Belanak beaches. These three locations are no less beautiful than Mandalika. Fortunately, the implementation of the WSBK event in Mandalika coincided with the start of the relaxation period for social activity restrictions as the number of Covid cases in Indonesia fell.

The revival of Lombok tourism has begun to be felt by the owners of the Travel and Tourism Bureau. Many domestic and foreign tourists have started asking about purchasing WSBK tickets and the travel packages offered.

Currently, many tourist destinations near Mandalika such as Selong Belanak Beach have begun to prepare themselves to seize the opportunities. One example is the buffalo farmers who often cross the Selong Belanak beach area and become the object of tourist photos. Now they have started to prepare their livestock, and arrange for booking photo-taking sessions. This is because taking pictures with buffalo invites a crowd of tourists or photographers, which of course has economic value for farmers. Many tourists and photographers pay farmers to “rent” their buffalo as models.

Aren’t you interested in taking pictures with buffaloes after watching a motorcycle race?

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