Don’t be skeptical! Mark Hughes Call the Mandalika Circuit Will Show Something Special

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Street circuit concept raises support and doubt

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Mark Hughes dismissed all the sloping issues and doubts about the Mandalika circuit, by calling this new MotoGP 2021 venues would something show special.

As known, the appointment of the Mandalika circuit turned out to reap the pros and cons. Many doubters point out that the circuit is not suitable for MotoGP level tournaments. Moreover the Mandalika circuit which is designed to be highway circuit, is considered not to meet safety standards as well as prone to damage.

Mark Hughes, a consultant from MRK1 Consulting, in collaboration with RoadGrip Motorsport, has been appointed by the Indonesian Tourism Development Company (IDTC) to be responsible for the Mandalika circuit design to dismiss any tilt issues that have been circulating.

Launched from the Crash page, Hughes said that the Mandalika circuit will present something special, because it will be the first circuit in MotoGP history to be held on the highway by meeting high-level safety standards.

“We are very aware that when we announce this project there is a number of skepticism regarding the concept of street circuits. But the track (Mandalika) has been designed and will be built with high-level FIM safety standards that are suitable for MotoGP,” Hughes said.

Hughes also stated that later the Mandalika circuit would have operational standards by limiting certain types of vehicles crossing the asphalt.

This access limitation is required to minimize the level of damage to the Mandalika circuit asphalt.