Mandalika MotoGP: Construction of MotoGP Standard Hospital in Mandalika will need Rp. 112 billion (USD 8 million)

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Construction Work for Mandalika Circuit starts in October this year

Mandalika Circuit Design

The construction of the International Hospital in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Pujut District, Central Lombok, is estimated to cost Rp. 112 billion (USD 8 million). Such a large amount of funds will be prepared by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, because the regional government does not have that amount of budget.

“We have sent the proposal. Including, a presentation before the Ministry of Health officials in Jakarta, a few days ago, “explained the Head of the Central Lombok Health Service H. Omdah, Mar 19, 2019.

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The result, Omdah said, was a green light. Furthermore, the Regency Government will coordinate with ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation) as the holder of Mandalika’s business rights, whether the construction site of the international Hospital is in the SEZ, or outside the SEZ. The land area needed, reaches 5 hectares (ha).

He explained, the availability of the international hospital, would strongly support the upcoming 2021 MotoGP event. That means, by 2020 the hospital must already be operational. “The Rp. 112 billion budget includes medical devices, medicines and other facilities,” he explained.

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At the same time, he added, the Regency Government was also preparing a total rehabilitation plan for the Kuta Health Center. The budget prepared was Rp 7.2 billion. “This one facility also helps prepare MotoGP. We need the support of all parties, “Omdah exclaimed