Special Economic Zone – Mandalika

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Located in the southern part of the island of Lombok, Special Economic Zone (Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus or KEK) – Mandalika established through government regulation Number 52 Years 2014 to be tourism KEK. With an area of 1,035.67 Ha and overlooking the Indian Ocean, the KEK Mandalika is expected to accelerate the tourism sector of the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat.

KEK Mandalika nautical tourism offers with the charm of the beach and ocean bottom. Mandalika is derived from the name of a legendary figure, namely Princess Mandalika, known as beautiful to behold. Each year, central Lombok community celebrate ceremony ritual Nyale (beautiful sea worms) catching, look for worms of the sea which is believed to be the reincarnation of Princess Mandalika. This is a celebration of the unique culture and attracts tourists both local and international.

Based on the potential and advantages, the development of tourism Indonesia PT (Persero) which has developed Nusa Dua Bali proposes the establishment of KEK Mandalika. As a maritime and cultural tourism destination with exotic panoramas and adjacent to the Island of the Gods, the Mandalika is expected to attract a visit of 2 million foreign tourists per year in 2019. KEK Mandalika has the concept of environmentally friendly tourism development with the construction of tourist objects and tourist attractions which is always oriented to the preservation of the value and quality of the environment in the community.

KEK Mandalika is the most attractive SEZ for investors today and is expected to become a world-class tourist destination.

KEK Mandalika master plan will consist of the following main zones:

Zone 1: luxury residence (275,000 m2). This area is prepared to attract tourists who need high quality, independent, luxury residences combined with the privacy. These houses will be available for rent, and also for sale.
Most of this area is filled with landscapes, making it suitable for family recreation.

Zone 2: hotels and villas (300,000 m2). This area is equipped with healthy living facilities; includes hiking, biking and golf courses. Each part of the area will be environmentally friendly and make use of all natural materials wherever possible, including a ” green ‘golf course that will combine advanced water supply techniques in order to minimize the environmental impact on the surrounding area.

Zone 3: exclusive villas and hotels (600,000 m2). This area will include a combination of Bohemian, Surfing and other luxury facilities. This protected bay will be equipped with a world class marina and serves as a base for surfers, sea fishing expeditions and diving experiences and offers luxury stop-over for regional and international seamen.

Check the complete master plan in the following link: https://youtu.be/r6sBn0YHuyc

The development is expected to improve the prosperity of national and local community.

source: http://kek.go.id/kawasan/Mandalika